We can help with your Electric Vehicle Charger installation, repair or replacement. Electric vehicles are becoming more popular as we move further into the future. Charging your electric vehicle (EV) is one of the challenges people face. If you buy an electric vehicle or if you already own one we can help properly install your own EV charging station at home or even at your business.

There are several different levels of charging and different charging station options depending on your vehicle and how fast you want to charge your vehicle. We can connect the proper wiring or upgrades you might need to have a proper service connected to your charger. 

electric vehicle charger installations


Connecting your EV charging station and making sure your electrical system meets the demands of the chargers power demands, in a safe manor is important. Our electricians at Precision Electric can make sure your only worry is plugging your car in for a charge without any issues.

EV Charger Install
EV Charger Install
Precision MV Electric

A level one charging station is plugging your vehicles charger into an ordinary household outlet. No additional equipment or installation is needed for this type of charging but there might be an issue with an available outlet that the cord can reach. If you are looking to install an additional outlet to make connecting to the car easier outdoors or in your garage our team can help make that happen. 

If you need a level two charging station installed for your electric vehicle we can properly set that up and make sure you have the proper power running for that unit. Level two power charges are much quicker to charge your vehicle and more affordable than a level one DC fast charger. A common need for these charges can also be upgrading your electrical service or having power ran to a garage or where the car will be charging.

Commercial chargers or DC Fast Chargers are able to provide a quick charge giving you a lot of range in the least amount of time on the charger. Commercial EV chargers are more expensive than the other options but are nice for several reasons outside of your building or business. They are not typically installed in homes because they require a lot more power than a typical home delivers. If this option is something your business is looking into we are able to properly connect power and install these units. 

It can easily be overlooked when it comes to the need for electrical maintenance. We can help ensure your electrical system is properly and safely maintained when hooking up a new charging station for your new electric vehicle. Doesn’t matter the car make or what type of charger the manufacture recommends we can make sure the proper electric is connected and your only worry is plugging in your electric vehicle when you need it. 

Plugged in charging is the easiest ways to charge your electric vehicle but not always the quickest. A hardwired installation can have the ability to charge the car quicker but has to be located in a fixed place but can be more efficient in several ways.

EVSE’s can be labeled 40-amps but different charging stations offer the same output. Some 40-amp breakers only have an output of 30 or 32 amps, due to only being able to be connected to a 40-amp breaker. This can be confusing but the real issue is these need to be installed on 50-amp breakers. We can help make sure you have the proper amps and if you don’t we can get everything set-up with the right amperage.